For You (Big) Cat Lovers

Continuing on with the "What" category in sharing some of the best of Tampabay, here's an article written by my musical co-worker and friend, Terez Hartmann. If you haven't been to Big Cat Rescue you are missing out on one of the treasures of Tampa, tucked privately away in the Citrus Park area. I'll let Terez tell you about it here

The Power of Music for Making a Difference…

“March comes in like a lion…”

…but ANY time is a great time to contribute to the well-being of lions, tigers, jaguars, and the many majestic cats that have inspired countless brands and household names for many of the things we equate with royalty, power, beauty, elegance, and the best-of-the-best.

After a couple of visits to “Big Cat Rescue” (, an amazing sanctuary for exotic cats in need, I, like many, came away deeply moved by being in the presence of these wild spirits and observing first-hand how the staff of mostly volunteers work tirelessly and passionately to care for their feline residents. I have been to many zoos and sanctuaries across the county, but never had I witnessed the kind of love in action and obvious return of appreciation from the cats (in the form of purring and hearing a tiger do what is called “chuffing” which is like a happy greeting, similar to a purr!) that I experienced at Big Cat Rescue. It was extraordinary to say the least!

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Smooth Jazz Radio

It’s true that we’ve lost our smooth jazz radio station, but there is a local radio station that has been playing the best contemporary jazz for years. Richard Rigg at plays the music you have been looking for. Smoothjazz as a label does have a stigma attached to it, but don’t be fooled by a name or a label. Rich plays the best stuff, music you can sink your teeth into. It’s accessible music to the average listener, but rewarding to even a pro musician. Almost everyone has access to a computer now. It’s worth it to listen to this streaming radio station. I keep a shortcut on my desktop. Long-time Bay area favorite, Al Santana, DJ’s here regularly, a signature voice for the music community. Want to know what the best new music is? Richard Rigg reviews hundreds of CD’s every month. Here’s a few of his favorites Continue

Home Concerts Now Available

Now for you people that don’t want to leave the house, but still want to party, here’s an idea. The party will come to you! Call it a house party, house concert, or a jam session, you can have the best musicians entertaining for you, whether it’s an intimate evening for two, a small gathering of friends for a concert in your livingroom, or a big party in the back yard. If the party host would so desire, the event can be opened up to a question and answer session with the musicians, involving the whole group in an interaction that can be very special and fun. For more information click here